Red Bull Racing Builds an F1 Car

Want to know how Infiniti Red Bull Racing built a Formula 1 Car that has won four constructor championships in a row?

Join their F1 Lecture, featuring Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s Chief Information Officer, Matt Cadiuex.

Joining the lecture is simple.  First, join their Facebook group or Google + group.

Then, tomorrow at 6:45PM CST, they will post a link to watch the lecture live.  Just click that link & you’ll be making your own F1 Car in no time! How about that?

Porsche Dream

When I was around 10 years old, my dad brought home a guards red Porsche 928 GTS. Probably my most vivid memory of the car  is that it came with two keys – one black and one red. I was certain that when the red key was used, the car instantly became faster. I wondered if warp speed was possible.

Growing up, my old man went on to own and thrash on many a Porsche and as such, I’ve always been fond of them knowingly that eventually, I’d have to own one too. Over the past couple of years, I’ve gone through phases of obsessing on early variations of the Porsche 911. Even now, I regularly check Werkcrew and what’s not to love about the incredibly vain, but seemingly amazingly talented Magnus Walker?

A year or so ago, I even went and kicked the tires on an Irish Green 1966 911 that was for sale here locally. It was an older restoration that was done well and mechanically sound, but I walked away oddly disappointed. As charming as the old Porsche was, it wasn’t as much fun to drive as I had imagined it to be. Sure, it was “sportier” than the ’39 Ford I was driving daily at the time, but it didn’t feel as though it was making substantially more power. Quite frankly, the car felt like a Volkswagen more than a hot rod.

I think part of it was that I was trying to be rational. I have enough old cars in my life and adding a genre to what is primarily and early Ford collection could be a recipe for disaster. I put it out of mind and the obsession, for the most part, came to an end.

And then my circumstances changed. My wife and I had our third child and I sold my ’39 Ford to support the cause. This left me with a model-a coupe to drive every day and as much as I love the car, it’s proven to be a brutal daily driver in the Texas heat. After a rough summer, I gave up the ghost and started thinking about what modern car interests me the most.

The Porsche 911.

I wasn’t sure I could afford it, but I decided to look for an early water cooled example with as little options as possible. The plan was to secure a clean example and then drive the wheels off of it. Porsche is known for reliability and I planned to test that label.

I looked for months and months. My first thought was to get a 996 Porsche Carrera (1998 to 2005) as they seemed somewhat affordable, but reported engine problems scared me away from this first generation of water cooled cars, so I started shopping the 997. What I found depressed me – I just couldn’t afford one.

Just as I was getting ready to throw in the towel on my search, I was confronted with an incredible opportunity to buy an ’08 Carrera 4S at a price that I couldn’t afford, but that I could finance. The price was too good to be true, so I went and inspected/drove the car. Within the first 5 miles, I knew this was the car for me and I knew that for the first time in my life, I was gonna have a car payment.

I’ve had the car now for just over a week… And I can’t leave it alone. It’s gonna get hot rodded. Stay tuned for the details.

Mallock U2 Mk6

DOGFIGHT user and moderator extraordinaire Metalshapes always seems to have a project in the works that is both interesting and unusual. I’ve learned so much by watching his build threads and observing his performance-first approach towards his work. Simply put, Metalshapes is inspiring.  His most recent build thread is no exception. Enjoy the pictures below, but do yourself a favor and check out the story of Metalshapes rare Mallock U2 Mk6 on the forum by clicking HERE.

Vintage Boardtrack Motorcycle Racing

In the late nineteen hundreds through early 1920s, Mr. Frantisek Marik was the chief importer of American made Indian motorcycles to the Czech Republic.  He was also an amateur filmmaker.  The following video is some incredible surviving footage Mr. Marik took while on vacation in Daytona, Florida.  No, this isn’t newly discovered footage.  Yes, it has made it’s way around the internet before, but it is good to watch footage like this every now and again to remember where we came from.

2012 Racers Reunion

Bart Stevens just let us know that Plans are coming together very well for this years Racers Reunion Banquet on Saturday September 22nd, which will be back at PCS Productions in Irving, TX on their beautiful 9000 sq. ft. sound stage.  A note from Bart:

“This year we will have Paul Page as the Master of Ceremony since one of the feature presentations this year will be about our regular Master of Ceremony, 3-time Indy 500 winner, Johnny Rutherford. The second presentation will be about the history of Quarter Midgets, a craze that swept the Nation in the 1950s. We will have folks here who drove these cars during this alluring time. We will also have a large number of vintage quarter midgets on display in addition to the other vintage race cars that will be on display.  In the afternoon we will have activities for you including Bench Racing, scrap books, a Racing Movie on the big screen & break-out sessions about historic racing.  It is hard to believe we could top last years event but we have so much planned for this year I hope you are here to be a part of this amazing day”!

Tickets will go on sale August 1st. Keep an eye out for more details from Bart very soon. For more info, check out:

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