R.I.P Carroll Shelby

Thank you for all that you did, Mr. Shelby.  You will be missed.  Rest in peace.

Your Ride Is Here

I’ve been hanging out at my local Ferrari dealership a lot lately. No, I’m not in the market… It’s just that my 3-year old son is completely infatuated with the prancing horse and I’ve got to quench his thirst somehow. Anyhow, the fellas at the dealership, as it turns out, are really nice guys. Not just nice guys, but above and beyond kind of deal. Don’t believe me?

Check this out:

1970 DeTomaso Mangusta

I found this on eBay and have been dreaming since. Take a Euro spec chassis and add AMERICAN horsepower and you get the best of both 1970 worlds. Plus, not much looks meaner. I’d drive it on the street…

Check it out.

Still Too Fast To Race: Group B Rally Supercars Part 2

You may remember the post about Group B rally supercars early last year.  Too Fast To Race was a good documentary about the rise and fall of this legendary class of racing.  It seems I’ve stumbled across a sequel to Too Fast To Race, called Still Too fast To Race.  Well, not a sequel exactly but another video that covers some of the great Group B history.  I just can’t get enough of the original Group B footage and I have a feeling that you can’t either.  Enjoy!

Formula One, now in Full Color!!!

The 1967 Formula One German Grand Prix, held at the legendary Nurburgring, was the very first race in history to be broadcast in color on German television.  Not only was this one of the greatest generations of Formula One cars, but imagine the excitement of seeing them in color for the very first time!  Man, we’re spoiled

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