Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and your family from DOGFIGHT magazine.  We wish you the best this holiday season.  If Santa happens to bring you any new go-fast-goodies, please share them with us in our forum which you will find HERE.

Hey Porsche, Nice Work!

There has been a lot of talk and praise surrounding Porsche build quality and reliability over the last couple of years.  JD Power awarded Porsche the number one spot for reliability.   A German brand that has historically been synonymous with performance was ranked above all of the Japanese cars… Incredible!  For a guy like me, reliability is a very important consideration when buying a car.  I can’t afford to have a high-end weekend driven sports car.  Even if I could, I’d want to drive it everyday.  Congratulations Porsche, keep up the good work and hopefully others will follow in your footsteps of joining the performance we want with the reliability we hope for.

PS. Please send me a 911 like in the video below for Christmas.  Love, John

Speed Demon on the Salt

There is fast, and there is FAST. George Poteet and Ron Main have persisted in setting the record in a piston driven streamliner, the Speed Demon.  It takes a different breed of person to go over 400mph on land.  Sure, many of us think we’d do it if given the chance, but how many of us would actually be able to keep our foot in it once we saw the speedometer pass 200… 250… 300…350… 400… and beyond?  It’s hard to even imagine the feeling.

Chevy True Stories

This isn’t exactly an automotive performance video, but I have a soft spot for 60’s era GM cars and my dad.  Chevrolet recently released a series of online video stories called Chevy True Stories.  This one is called “My Dad’s Car”.

The History of the Lexus LFA

Supercars are not built overnight.  A great supercar is built, tested, redesigned, built, tested again and again until a certain level of perfection and achievement is reached.  I can’t imagine the feeling of pride and accomplishment one would feel who has been tasked with the responsibility for conjuring up and showcasing the best of what a brand can be.  Lexus/ Toyota takes us along on a very high-level look at what that journey is like in this short video, The History of the Lexus LFA.

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