1958 Daytona Beach Convertible Race

Have about 30 spare minutes?  I promise that this is better than any 30 minute sitcom you were going to watch on television.  It really doesn’t get much better than this…

BMW European Delivery

So in our last installment, our boy Matt attended M-School and got his shoe on… Now, he’s headed to Germany to pick up his own M3. Its one of the dream vacations for a lot of Americans that has a payoff – a brand new car with one of best V8 motors ever to leave the German state. And you get to enjoy the car for a bit on foreign roads before it is loaded up and shipped to the States.

Here’s Matt’s story.

BMW M School

DOGFIGHT member MattStrube was fortunate enough to attend 2 days of BMW’s M- performance driving school.  He and his wife had so much fun that they couldn’t let it stop there.  They were so mesmerized by BMW’s latest V-8 powered M3, they knew they had to have one of their own.  So, they decided to get the most out of the experience by taking delivery of their new M3 at the BMW Factory.  More on that to come.  For now, check out Matt’s video from M-school below that he put together for us himself.  You can also check out his thread HERE.

If you’re interested in attending BMW’s M Performance Driving School you can learn more about it by clicking HERE.

Jaguar E type V12 at Classic Engine Machine

My Brother Derek works in the film industry.  He is a free lance camera-man and video editing whiz that has worked on all kinds of television programs and movies that we’ve all seen.  We’ve been talking about doing a project together, just for fun. One afternoon I asked him (and his Canon 5D) to tag along with me to visit friends Kevin Silva & Chris Slubar at Classic Engine Machine/ Classic Jaguar.

When we arrived Derek asked, “what’s the plan”?  I quickly realized that I didn’t have one and that I didn’t really know anything about making a video.  So, we improvised.  The main reason I was there was to check out a 1974 Jaguar E-type V12 that Mr. Silva had told me about. They were almost finished and ready to deliver to Puerto Rico. The only things left were to adjust the suspension and finish tuning.  All of these old Jag engines are aesthetically beautiful, but apparently this one has the guts to back it up.  I’ve always wanted to own an early E-type… mine would be British Racing Green with wire wheels.

This E-type V-12 is built to their Stage 1 spec. Enjoy-

Special thanks to:

My brother, Derek.

The folks at Classic Engine Machine & Classic Jaguar.

Dan Mooney, Owner of Classic jaguar.

Chris Slubar

Kevin Silva (better known around Austin as El Capitan).

The photos are random shots of things around the shop-

Sebring… 1965

The 1965 Sebring race is one of those that is kind of held up in awe. Even before the race, there was a lot of buz. Could Ford beat Ferrari? And what about the Texan? Could his Chaparral cars compete? The race started and, as expected, the Fords and Ferraris took their positions up front. Surprisingly, however, Jim Hall and his Chaparrals were right there with them. As the race extended, it became obvious that the Chaparral cars were superior. It must have been amazing to watch.

And then, the rain came… And what was once just a great race, became a legendary one…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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