Bull is out of the Barn!

Red Bull, that is.  The Red Bull crew is always up to something.  This video captures the first time that a Formula 1 car has made its way around the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin, Texas… even though it’s unfinished.  In addition to Formula 1 and Moto GP that will call Circuit of the Americas home, they’ll also host the Austrailian V8 Supercars series!  A 5 year contract has been signed, and  I’m very, very excited about this.

Classic Race Cars

I stumbled upon this great video series called Classic Race Cars.  I don’t know much about the program, but there are 5 parts below featuring some of the notable classic European racing cars including Ferrari, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mercedes, & Porsche.  It’s a good commentary, great footage complete with sound, and beautiful cars.  Enjoy…

Pebble Beach 2011

DOGFIGHT member A32Flathead was fortunate enough to attended the Pebble Beach show this month.  Luckily for us he took some great pictures and shared them with us in the forum.  Make sure to click his album link and take the time to go through his photo album.  Beautiful cars, old and new.  There are also a few of his favorites posted in his thread, here.  Some that stood out to me are the Edsel Ford 34, the black Mercedes with the cream top (not sure of year/ model), the bare carbon fiber cockpit and chassis of the Aventador, and… well, they’re all good.

The Depth Of Speed – BMW 2002

I love the Depth of Speed series from HBTV. And while the 2002 is more of a visceral car than one of speed, there is no denying the purposeful aesthetic of the styling or its purpose. They are just cool cars… And this video does a great job of capturing just that.

Check it out:

HBTV: Depth of Speed – The Bond from HBTV on Vimeo.

BMW E46 M3

BMW has been building sporty, naturally aspirated 6-cylinder coupes since 1968 when they launched the CS, or E9 as it was known to BMW internally.  Beemer almost always had a hot rod version of their coupe that delivered performance that hasn’t always been typical of a luxury automobile maker.  In the early 70’s it was the beautiful CSL.  One of my personal favorite BMW designs of all time and certainly one of my favorite cars of the 1970’s.

The first BMW M car, the M1, came along in 1978 as a radically styled super-car that was the product of a collaboration between Lamborghini & BMW.  It of course was powered by one of BMW’s legendary straight 6-cylinders.  Although an M-series coupe hasn’t been produced every year, they’ve been around for most years in the 3-series body style up through 2006.  It appears that 2006 marks the end of an era leaving us with the last naturally aspirated 6-cylinder M sport coupe.

The new E92 M3 which began in 2008 is powered by a V8.  Exhilarating, no doubt, but certainly a migration from its 6-cylinder heritage.  Some say that the 335ci, powered by a twin turbo 6-cylinder carries on BMW’s tradition.  I won’t argue too much because the turbos work beautifully and it’s a great car, but it’s not naturally aspirated and it’s certainly not an M-car.  I know it will outperform previous generation M3’s with a few mods, but that’s not the point.  It just doesn’t handle and behave like an M car.

I just want to take a moment to pour a little out in respect of the E46 M3 that was built from 2001-2006… king of the 6-cylinder M3s… timeless classic BMW style… daily driver reliability with track proven performance.  I spoke to a local independent BMW repair shop the other day and they refer to the E46 as the best M-car that BMW ever made.  I see them for sale anywhere between $17K and $33K depending on mileage, options, and year model.  I gotta say, it’s tempting.  It’s very, very tempting…

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