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Thread: All About Kellison Sports GT Fiberglass cars of 1958-1968

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    until I can scan 'em, here's some snap shots of the magazine article from 1959.
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    I love the 905 version of the J-4 Kellison and that picture of Roth with the still in progress Outlaw is really great!

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    I wish I could scan in the whole magazine, you guys would POOP yourselves.

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    We featured this car on The Jalopy Journal:

    You can read the feature here.


    After we featured it, the car was actually found and put up for sale in the classifieds. It was listed for $3500, but rumor has it that he ended up selling it for $3000. Hell of a deal in my book.

    Here it is surviving as best it can:

    And one more from the day... Dude shaved his chest so as to appear as smooth as his Kellison:

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    the things I would do to that........(the car not the shorn chested man)

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    Hell, I'd shave more than my chest to own that......
    I'm not old.....I've just been young longer than most folks.

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    THanks for all the awesomeness. And where's the pic of yours? Still have it?

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    Here are 2 for sale. One for the more adventurous with lots of time and skill but no monies....... and the other with deeper pockets AND skill and monies.


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    Man that GT40 clone on a VW chassis would be so much fun. I would have laughed at and picked on such thing not so many years ago.

    This really is a great thread. Thanks for sharing Bomonster.

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    Every generation has their dreamers

    Here are excerpts from a review on Kellisons that appeared in the 2001 Issue of Sports Car Market Magazine:

    “Kellison dates from an era when young enthusiasts longed for an affordable, high-performance GT car with European specifications. Like the Devin, the Kellison offered sweat equity participation in a dream car that could compete with Ferraris, Maseratis, Aston Martins and Jags. Also like the Devin, the company offered a very few pre-built cars, primarily to reassure buyers that the dream could become reality. Ads for the fiberglass body shell avoided mentioning the level of skill and resources needed to accomplish the dream. As a result, most of these shells were never completed. Ads for optimistically “90% complete” efforts for sale by kit buyers whose enthusiasm became overwhelmed by the realities of construction probably surpassed the number of ads placed by Kellison himself. No doubt, Kellison’s aircraft engineering background helped him complete a lightweight car that was far more sophisticated than the homebuilts, and his styling was certainly unmistakable. While the Devin body was a Ferrari knock-off, the Kellison was an original design reflecting the American conviction that lower is better.” – Pat Braden


    What I like about this picture is that it represents two generations of car guys each with the same vision: A guy who originally bought the fiberglass body in ’67 and the guy who felt he hit the jackpot when he found it for sale forty years later. As the above quote accurately points out, the majority of Kellison bodies never made it to the local DMV to be properly licensed as legal transportation. In other words most ended up in backyards, side yards and perhaps even junkyards. But every once in awhile a really nice example of a 40-year old “new” Kellison body will surface and thankfully there are still modern car freaks who appreciate the challenge (and opportunity) to finish one and put it on the road. Click on the above photo caption link to read updates on Rick's build. And if he doesn’t build it for any reason, tell your kid to be on the lookout for this same body to be offered for sale in another forty years.
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