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Thread: Vintage Oval Track Modifieds...

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    Ted Brown ran the Thompson small-block open shows on Sundays back in the mid-70's. His car was third-hand. Originally built in 1970 as the Simons' Excavator Special #9 big-block out of Cromwell, CT. Red and white '35 Plymouth coupe. IIRC it won four features at Waterford, two with Charlie Webster and two with Dick Dunn. The car was sold to a certain "Big Smitty" from eastern CT and fitted with a small-block per the big Speedbowl rule change for '71. Tan with red #11. Joe Trudeau won the track championship without winning a feature. Bob Potter drove it in 1972.
    I believe that Ted Brown bought the car in 1973 and painted it a metallic brown, white numbers 117. He was a low-buck operator running against some of the best ever. Flemke, DeSarro, Bodine, Cleary to name a few.
    A nicer guy you will never meet and obviously a most skilled fabricator.

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    Ten days and nothing? Did I piss everybody off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higganum2 View Post
    Ten days and nothing? Did I piss everybody off?
    HA! Nobody wants to be the last one to post! Well you now have that distinction......Wait a minute, now I do!

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    In 62 or 63 Bobby Allison brought a car to I think Flemington or some very long track it was a 40 Chev with the number 402. it was black. He did a spin out and a photo was in a mag called highway and circle track. The reason he brought the car was his units were not hard tops they had the fabric roof inserts. He got what was a 6 cyl hobby car and added small block and a quick change and was ready to go. He did not come home with the car. So my question does any one know who ended up with the car. thank Bobby.........
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