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Thread: Advanced M School

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    Advanced M School

    It took a while to get the DVD to show up, and it took even longer for me to figure out how to use iMovie. It aint perfect, but you'll get the idea of what it's like to attend BMW M School. This is day 2 after a lot of training on day 1. The car I'm driving in the video is an 2010 M3 with a 414hp V8, and a 7 speed double clutch sequential tranny (gearbox if you're in the UK )...all stock from the factory. The sound you hear is the real engine noise...Yowza! I had zero experience on a track (it shows in the video), and anyone can sign up to learn how to beat on an M car. I had trouble with the big sweeping corner all day, and some of the first laps were a little herky jerky with the throttle and steering in some spots. My wife and I did the class, and we both came away with the same thought...we gotta buy one of these M3s, more on that soon as we just returned from our BMW European Delivery.

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    Matt, you lucky dawg! I'd really like to go to M-school. I've heard that transmission is unreal. I've spent a lot of time with the SMG and really like it, but I've heard that the DCT is even better... lightning fast shifts. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Germany. What a bucket list item to go pick up an M3 from the factory. Congrats on your new ride ahead of time.

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    Looks like a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time doing track days in my Audi, and miss it a lot.

    I learned early the car was capable of so much more than I had ever asked it to do, money was better spent on track days and tires than other performance upgrades... I don't have th car anymore, but still remember all the tricks.

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    Those are certainly awesome cars. A couple of guys that I do track days with have V8 M3s, and always have a blast ripping around with them. They sound amazing from the outside too.

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    Thanks John, the DCT is pretty amazingly fast. And I love not having to use a clutch in traffic. It was finally nice enough out to take our all original 37 ford out for a spin this weekend, and I kinda like the feel of an old rickety trans with no syncros ( not until 39 did Ford make a fully synchronized tranny). I'm completely mad...old Fords, new Bimmers, what gives?

    I definitely want to do some track days when the car arrives in 6-8 weeks...more on our experiences in Euroland soon.

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    I used to run my A4 with a group called The Drivers Edge. They do 2 day seminars and track days, with or without instructors, depending on your experience. Ran several tracks including Texas World Speedway in College Station, Motorsport Ranch in Ft Worth, I think I did an event in Hallett with them too.


    My transition was from German cars on the track to my Model A, looks like you're going the other way .

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    I'm going to definitely check that out. Thx.

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